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The Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy yourself & connect with family & friends. I hope this is time filled with laughter, love & connection. I know you're most likely looking forward to the food, beautiful décor, music & love.

Now, while the idea of the holidays is always delightful, the realities can be quite overwhelming. Juggling an already busy schedule with added activities during the holidays can quickly take the awe out of the season and replace it with stress. Some of us have to face grief head on during the holiday season. What may start out as Happy Holidays becomes surviving the holidays.

It's easy for people to advise you not to struggle during this time, but you have to be very present with the feelings that only you are experiencing. If you believe you need more alone time than usual then take it. I fully understand. This is the week that I loss my mother 8 years ago & just 6 months ago my grandfather transitioned. Don't worry I am feeling much gratitude & haven't experienced anxiety.

I ask that you not allow this season, people or situations to wear you out. Pause for yourself & do what's necessary to support yourself completely. If it's decorating, listening to music, cooking or resting do just that. Let go of any guilt, other folks expectations, & any pressures that may be forced upon you.


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