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Self Contract

I'm sure you've signed plenty of contracts as an adult woman. I remember the first contract I had to sign when purchasing my first car at the age of 19. I had no idea what I was signing, but hey, I placed my signature on the dotted line for the new red vehicle. Once again at the age of 23 I leased my first townhouse & was thrilled. When purchasing a cell phone we always have to enter into a contract.

I'm sure all of those contracts protected those companies more than it protected me. Why do we sign contracts & why are important? Yeah, it's to ensure we don't have any misunderstandings later for agreements we've entered into. When it comes to our own lives to help to bind us to our goals/dreams we should enter into a self contract.

*Create a Contract with Yourself – Actually put your promises and goals to yourself in writing.

*Bind yourself to them. Proofread each item & the conditions that apply. List how they'll be accomplished with dates & also don't forget the rewards you'll shower onto yourself.

*Be sure to write out how you'll consistently nurture yourself mind, body, & spirit. This line should be in BOLD.

*Of course, you should list the boundaries that you'll create for yourself & others. This contract is one of the most important documents you'll sign. It will be very beneficial to understand the healthy limitations that will be needed.

Sign & Date.

Print your contract out & be sure it's visible everyday.


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