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There’s no reason to struggle during the holidays. The season is designed to give time for reflection and celebrate with family and friends. Keeping the focus on these things allows for the holidays to remain manageable rather than overwhelming.

I'd like to offer a couple of suggestions of some simple gift giving that has also been special to me in the past. Your family & friends may enjoy.

  1. Frame & wrap a picture of you & your family or friends as a gift. They'll appreciate the picture & will be able to journey back to the occasion when the picture was taken.

  2. What's their favorite color? Choose 2-3 items that are less than $2.00 per & place them in pretty packaging of that same favorite color. The first comment I bet you'll receive when they see the outside of the gift is "this is my favorite color".

Remember, enjoy & celebrate your family & friends & don't become overwhelmed.


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