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Protecting Your Mental During Rough Times

When times are tough, whatever the reasons may be, managing our mind & our thoughts are more important than ever.

It's really important to remain self aware. Be consistent with self check ins. I love self check ins! That's time when I can ask myself that question - "Girl, how are you feeling, honestly?"

Pause & wait for your answer. Once you have the answer try to reflect as to what has made you feel that way. If you're feeling great you may need to continue with those actions - As long as they aren't actions that may cause you harm. If you aren't feeling the best figure out what steps you need to take to adjust those feelings.

Now, woman to woman, I have to highlight that we should never discount the benefits of a counselor or therapist to help you to understand your feelings.

Preserving your mental is not always an easy task, but remember there are tools in place to assist.


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