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Let's Go!!!

Stop thinking and start doing.

There is a lot to be said for the Nike tag line that tells you to "Just Do It."

Some people are hardwired in such a way that they have to spend a lot of time thinking about something before they do it. Yes, that used to be me! I admit. I took a trip in October & while I was there I checked my huge goals & challenged myself that I'd shake that mindset. Of course, I had to spend time prior to the trip focused on that issue also & daily I continue to press into that challenge. While I was there I wrote out on a list things that I wanted to rid myself of & I burned procrastination & over thinking to commit to taking action.

Now, I'm not insinuating you shouldn't think about your plans because this can be helpful at times, as in a planning stage. However, there always comes a time for action. Don't spend too much time over-thinking a process or procedure if your mental scrutiny is keeping you from taking action.

Let's go!! What actions are you gonna take this week?


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