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Is the Media Giving You Anxiety?

In today's technologically-connected world, some type of media is always at our fingertips. Literally. You only have to pick up your smartphone to be connected to your network of friends and family or to see the latest news headline. While the convenience is nice and there are lots of ways in which such accessibility can be useful, these things can also cause a tremendous amount of stress for us all.

My husband & I were at dinner last month & I shared with the other couples that I'm not a tv watcher & don't listen to much radio, ESPECIALLY not the news. One of my best friends will send clips to me when she thinks it's something I need to be aware of. Her text always starts with "Since I know you didn't see this..." LOL

Now, if you don't want to cut out the news, because you want to be informed I'd love to ask you to find a balance. I'd suggest to connect with more positivity & check out 5-10 minutes of media.

If media is giving you anxiety you have to make a decision to choose to serve yourself positively.


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