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Grief Is Real

May 15, 2022 my grandfather ascended. This was a complete shock to my family because we’d been planning for his return home. It doesn’t matter how much we make plans, we are not in control & we have to accept the outcome even if it hurts.

I’m sure you can relate to receiving news that takes your breath away.

I immediately moved into survival mode. I didn’t realize how I was operating, but after a few weeks I recognized that I was tired often, having trouble concentrating & my body was not feeling the best. I’m usually very in tune to my body & I checked in with myself to recognize I needed to change up my response. I soon implemented a few steps that have helped.

  1. I accepted that I was grieving & committed to myself that I wouldn’t place a time limit on my grief.

  2. Made a commitment that I'd hold my self care as sacred & place myself FIRST. This is my usual practice, but wanted to ensure I didn't lose focus during this time. I wouldn’t attempt to try to save anyone else & leave myself out to drown in grief.

  3. Completed an intake session for grief therapy .

  4. Made a commitment to exercise or dance daily because I recognize movement is important to my healing journey.

Grief is a part of our journey. We must implement steps to support ourselves.


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