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30 Day Action Plan Week #4

Plan the vacation of a lifetime

We all LOVE vacations! Where was your last vacation destination?

The Hubby & I are planning to schedule a Sandals vacation in St. Lucia or Antigua. Sandals has been one of my dream vacation spots for a couple of years now & we're going to go ahead & get it planned.

You should also begin planning your dream vacation & planning can be as much fun as arriving to the destination. Depending on where you choose to go and how much is involved, it can feel like a full-time project planning your next trip, but I'm sure it will be awesome once you arrive. Depending on your dream vacation it may not be cheap, so it’s important that you plan it as well as you can.

Have fun planning & once you've secured your destination send me a picture & email - events@thewellstation.org


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