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2020 Year of Transparency & Transformation

Before the ball dropped for this new year, I sat before God to ask for direction for 2020. I wanted to reflect on what I’d experienced & execute a plan for 2020. The way my personality is set up I have to know my direction, I can’t wander around it’s too frustrating for me.

From my reflections, I concluded 2020 would be my year of transparency & transformation. I’d be even more committed to myself than I have in previous years. When I say committed it’s not selfishly but with clarity & intention. It would be important to take the self care quiz again to figure out which areas needed my attention. You know, those areas in my life I hadn’t really spent the necessary time & had not been getting the results I desired.

One of the areas I really need favorable results in was my skincare. I’ve had eczema all of my life & because I’ve dealt with it since a child sometimes it's easy to do enough just to get by. I needed a revised skincare regimen & a commitment to make my skin a priority from head to toe. Yes, my eczema patches are from head to toe. I do realize eczema is a gut issue. I am also working on my gut & the other causes that contribute to my outbreaks.

Recently my eczema has affected an area of my face. Yesterday, I scheduled time for a facial. If you’ve never had a facial I highly recommend one. You can also schedule an at home facial for yourself. Either way, I believe it’s important because of the effects of the sun, pollution, & our need to exfoliate.

Here's a picture from my session. Hopefully, you’ll schedule time this month with an esthetician or an at home facial during your self care time.


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