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Know Your Sleep Number

If you’ve ever experienced sleep deprivation, you’ll know just how detrimental to your health it can be. Even just getting one less hour than the body needs can have all kinds of negative effects on your health. You’re going to find it extremely difficult to stay positive if you’re not getting enough sleep. Now, I believe everyone has a number of hours of sleep that they need to feel rested & ready to tackle their day. You have to know your sleep number. I polled a group of women this weekend during a women's conference session & each woman's number was different. It's not surprising because all of us are different. Personally, if I have 6 hours of sleep I'm ready to win the day! I feel positive, optimistic & energized.

I challenge you this week to chart your sleep & your bodies response through the day. Do you need to increase your sleep time or are you getting enough sleep to feel great & to be on point through the day?

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