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Daily Routine - Self Care

Are you your top priority? I'd hope the answer to that question is in the affirmative. Because if you aren't top priority you should be. When we are truly making our self care priority we can help ourselves & others see the world better. Our daily routine should include self care. Are you challenged when thinking of some basic self care deeds? If so, I have some suggestions.

1. Spend time with people who make you happy. They might be family members or could be close friends, but if they don’t make you happy you should cut down the amount of time you spend with them. Other people’s actions are the cause of many issues for a lot of people, whereas positive actions and words can help us to feel better about ourselves. Be kind to yourself by spending more time with those you love who motivate and help you, not those who bring negative energy.

2. Take a nice, hot, soothing bath. Running a hot bath with some bath bombs or salts & essential oils can be one of the most relaxing things to do after a long day or when you’re feel the need for 'me time'. Not only does this help your body physically, but lying in warm water with some of your favorite music playing can lift your mood and make you feel like you’re taking great care of yourself.

3. Write down good things daily. Towards the end of last month I began keeping a gratitude/affirmation journal. It's really a reminder in my phone that sends an alert each night at 10:00 pm. During that time I log in 3 things that I'm grateful for that occurred during the day. In addition, I affirm what will happen in my life. This time allows for reflection on how amazing my day has been. Even if nothing mind blowing has occurred I can still give thanks for the simple things like the wind blowing on my face.

If no one else tells you that you are amazing & deserve to make yourself priority then let me be that voice for you today.

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