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This month is Mental Health Awareness Month & we'll place our focus on ways to preserve our mental. "Boundaries" are limits, plain and simple. Think about your job or career. No matter what you do, you probably have some type of schedule which tells you when you should be working, how long you work, what you need to be doing each day, and how you can recognize when you have successfully completed a task or project. These are nothing more than boundaries. Consider them instructions, recipes, formulas or standard methods of operations (SMOs) that promote success.

I'm sure you've either driven or rode in a vehicle? What if the marked traffic lines did not exist? Imagine the busiest four-lane highway in your city as having no clearly marked lines to show you where to drive. I would solidly believe there'd be massive traffic pileups and home to more accidents than you could imagine. Those lines on the roads where people drive vehicles are there for very good reasons to keep everyone safe. Also, the experience is much more stress-free than if there were no traffic lines, and you can quickly and efficiently travel where you need to go. This is a perfect example of why we need to ensure we embrace boundaries in our life. Clearly drawn lines & barriers are needed for success mentally.

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