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Woman 2 Woman Facebook Group

Hi, Ladies!

I hope your weekend was lovely. I'm stopping in really quickly to ask if you knew The Well Station has a special group for women on Facebook? Well, yes we do! It's The Well Station - Woman 2 Woman.

The group was created for a few reasons:

-To share great information for women that want to hear from The Well Station.

-To let women know The Well Station is committed to supporting them as they embrace self care.

-To keep self care in the forefront of their minds because as I always say, we tend to love on others but we have to be intentional about focusing on ourselves.

If you are on Facebook we'd ask that you join our group today, because we have a special guest tomorrow night! I will be Woman 2 Woman Sept 25 @ 7:30 CST with Dr. La Tina Epps Thomas. Dr. Thomas is a Naturopathic Doctor, experienced Certified Yoga Instructor & Health and Wellness Counselor who thrives on using her skills to help heal bodies, while bringing balance and connectivity to lives. If you are connected to ladies that you know love natural remedies please invite them. We'll discuss healthy living for the mind, body, & soul.

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