“…. I’ve had my day in the sun; now, I am the sun. Roll up on me and you will blow a fuse. Don’t roll up on me…unless you’re leading with LOVE!” Actress Jenifer Lewis

Would you agree that the world we live in is full of stress and stress creating people? No matter how hard we try to avoid or remove ourselves from people, activities, jobs, or situations that could possibly cause stress, it still comes knocking at the doors of our lives. I mean how do you find PEACE in a WORLD that thrives on STRESS?

It is my prayer that the words I share in this blog will free at least 2 women who read it, maybe more. I am seeing far too many women carrying STRESS in their spiritual vessels, which hinders their ability to truly discover the depth of their divine purpose.

A couple of days ago a friend shared a video clip of actress Jenifer Lewis sharing some heartfelt gems of wisdom. The clip was only 49 seconds long, but it was POWERFUL. Every word the woman said in the clip touched the core of my soul. So, I am going to use quotes from this astonishing clip to girl chat about STRESS and how to minimize it in your life.

“Don’t roll up on me with stress! Go calm yourself down! Breathe 10 times. Take 10 deep breaths!!! Y’all know it’s a cliché, but take them anyway and see what happens.” Yaaaaassssss!!!!!! Ladies, stress management requires breathing. Stressful situations will cause you to STOP breathing!!!! Think about a time something stressed you out to the point of no return. How did your body react? How was your heart beating? Were you able to breathe normally? Be honest. Listen, STRESS will REMOVE you from LIFE. So, whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation….take 10 DEEP BREATHS….and do it again if you must. Keep doing it until you find yourself calming down. There is nothing good that can come from reacting to a stressful situation if you are not calm and rational. Most importantly, God cannot be present in stressful energy that is being amplified by our human emotions. God works within spiritual energy. STOP and ponder on that for a minute.