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Short Eating Meditation

In the middle of the day, many people have an afternoon slump when their energy lowers and they feel sleepy or anxious for the work day to be over. (Or maybe I'm the only one that feels that way sometimes. ) This is an excellent time to take a break and have a healthy snack to provide your body and mind with more energy. It also supplies you with the opportunity to do a short meditation while enjoying your snack. Bring your favorite fruit with you and enjoy it slowly during the late afternoon. Don’t do anything during this time except eat your fruit. Even if you are eating it at your desk, move your chair so that you aren’t looking at the screen. You may even want to briefly close your eyes & taste the sweetness. Chew slowly and savor every taste, every movement of your jaw chewing the fruit. Smell the sweetness that is released with each bite. What do you notice that you never had before? How long has it been since you really tasted this, your favorite fruit? Once finished, you can go back to work with a more relaxed, focused mind, a replenished body and a fuller appreciation for the gifts the Earth gives you. And top it off with a nice glass of water to hydrate.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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