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De-Clutter for Stress Reduction

This morning I woke up on a mission!  A mission to declutter my closet.  It was important to get rid of some old clothes that I will not or can not wear.  My jewelry was all over the place in my bedroom & on the shelves in my closet.  I gathered every piece of jewelry & placed in my closet jewelry hangers. I'm not finished but I will be by midnight! 😆😂

What I realized earlier this week is that all of the stuff that we have can add stress to our lives.  How can you reduce the stress your things cause you? You do it one drawer, one closet, one box, and one room at a time. Start with something, anything and go through and declutter. Keep the stuff that’s truly important to you and either toss or donate the rest. If you can't get it done this weekend take out your calendar & choose a few days within the next 30 days.  #30daystressreduction #thewellstation #declutter

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