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Ladies, it’s Monday & I’m back with another quick stress reduction & relaxation idea for you to begin today. Like most of them, this is something you should try today and then if it works for you start incorporating into your daily habits. Today’s tip is to start journaling.

Now, some of you may be like I am - old-school with a notebook and a pen or you may like to lean toward creating a word document journal on your computer. The basic idea behind it is the same, you’re getting your thoughts down and in the process working through them and organizing them. Not only does it help you work through anything that’s happened during your busy day, it’s also quite cathartic and helps you distress. As an added bonus, you get to go back through your journal later on and see how far you’ve come. I recently looked through some journal entries when I was in my 20’s & it’s really rewarding to see my progression in life.

To get started grab any old notebook you have laying around and a pen and start writing down one or two sentences about your day. If you feel more motivated by a pretty journal and a nice pen, go out and get them, by all means. It’s also a good idea to figure out what time works best for you to make sure you journal regularly. Some people prefer to do it first thing in the morning, others at night before bed. I’m more of a before bed kinda girl, because I like to journal my feelings from the events in my day. Of course anytime in-between works just as well. There is no right or wrong time to journal.

In the end, remember, journaling is supposed to help you relax and distress. Enjoy! #journaling #30daystressreduction #mindbodysoul

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