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Friend Zone

So, you're feeling some kinda way & you just have to talk with someone. Someone that understands you & someone that won't judge you. It's just something about sharing your frustrations out loud and communicating what’s bothering you with someone you trust that helps you to move through the stress. I hope you are fortunate to be able to visit with or call a couple of your friends where you can share your feelings without filters. Whatever the raw emotion that you feel this one or couple of friends will be able to handle it.

The "Friend Zone" will help you when there's an issue with that crazy co-worker, selfish family member, or someone in a group that you're working with. Share your stressors & when they finish listening they can offer advice, some laughs & a big hug! I gotta say THANK YOU to my "Friend Zone". Love ya, Ladies! #wellstation #30daystressreduction #mindandbody

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