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Quiet Time

Today is the 11th of July & my calendar this month & the rest of the year is really busy. If you're like me you're bombarded by beeps, messages, emails and meetings most of the week. We live in an age of constantly being connected and constantly being interrupted. With all the noise and flashing lights, it’s hard to hear yourself think sometimes. It’s time to fix that and today I’m going to make a suggestion.

Let's agree to carve out time for quiet reflection. I read recently some billionaires set aside time regularly to think, plan, and learn. As an added benefit and why I’m including it in our 30 day challenge about relaxation and reducing stress is that it gives you time to get away from it all. The quiet time provides time to rest up and distress and that’s important. In fact, this rest is what gives your mind the time and ability to come up with the next great idea or solution. It’s what makes you a better partner, a better boss, a better parent, a better co-worker, and a better business person.

Our commitment today is putting quiet time on our calendars & circling as high priority in our daily process. Our mind and our body will thank us! #wellstation #30daysstressreduction

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