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Sleep, Rest, Sleep...

Today's world is really fast paced & everyone is always on the go. We have so many tasks on our plate & sometimes we feel something has to be cut out of our schedules. And most of the time it's the much needed item - SLEEP!

Sleep is definitely needed for our survival. I can tell the difference when I get more than 7 hours of sleep. My body is well rested, I can think clearer, & the tasks that I have listed for the day seem easier to tackle. It's okay to pull an all nighter here or there but constant days of depriving ourselves of sleep is not good long term. Sometimes it feels like we’ve forgotten how to rest and relax. We’re running wide open all day long and while it can feel exhilarating and productive, it wears us down and takes a toll on our health and well-being. Plus relaxing can be a lot of fun when you take the time to rediscover the joy of it.

Sleep is necessary for our survival. We need to make rest, relaxation, and adequate sleep a priority to stay healthy and productive. Will you join me beginning this month with our Relaxation/Stress Reduction Challenge & take an active approach to paying attention to your sleep schedule?



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