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How many times in life have you had dreams & shared them with other folks? How many times have you received negative reactions to the dreams that you were so excited & passionate about? I'm sure there have been quite a few times in life that this occurred. And I'm no different than you... wild, bodacious dreams have come into my spirit. And I've shared those dreams with people who have discouraged me & I've discarded of some of my desires because someone else felt they were too outrageous.

Well, now I'm in a place where I'm ready to live life on wild & bodacious terms! I'm ready to do something different than I've been doing. And I mean things that I did a couple of weeks ago I'm now ready to move in a different direction. I'm ready for all that has been promised to me - if I am obedient to my calling & purpose. And I'm no longer accepting negativity in my life! I can no longer hear negativity because my dreams are in SURROUND SOUND! I can only hear from God as to the direction to move to successfully fulfilling my goals/dreams!

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