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Accountability is accepting responsibility for ones own actions. I encountered a situation today where someone was clearly foul in their choices, but they didn't accept their role in the matter. As I sat listening & witnessing how the drama played out I realized that a lot of people do not take responsibility. I selected areas in my life & actions that I've taken that I have to be accountable.

  • 10 years of making bad choices when it comes to food & very little exercise lead to my being 65 lbs heavier than I was when I got married 15 years ago.

  • Listening to others & not seeking my purpose in life, in the past, lead to delays personally & in business that could have been avoided.

What's beautiful about taking responsibility is that I can & am working to correct my path. That 65 lbs is now down to 44 lbs. And I've listened to God & NOW I'm operating fully in my purpose. The question that I'd ask of you is are YOU being accountable? Or is it someone elses fault? Be Well, LizM.

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