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Product Details:

  • Fast-Acting Weight Management Candy
  • Made with Natural, Safe, Clinical Ingredients
  • Delicious Salted Caramel and Razzberry Crème Flavors
  • Low Fat, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, MSG Free, No Artificial Sweeteners


Benefits May Include:

  • Decrease Appetite and Cravings
  • Boost Metabolism and Thermogenesis
  • Help Block Blood Sugar Conversion to Body Fat
  • Help Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Help Improve Cardiovascular and Blood Sugar Health


A yummy way to enhance your weight management efforts! B-Epic W8 Magic™ Chews are a multifunctional healthy weight management candy that is formulated to be a natural, safe, and effective appetite suppressant and fat burner. It works naturally in the body by helping quickly curb cravings and increase thermogenesis (fat burning).


W8 Magic™ Chews are made with clinically proven ingredients found to naturally support healthy weight management, including a patented African Mango extract (Irvingia gabonensis; 325 mg per piece, which is double the clinical amount), Ciccus (a natural, powerful antioxidant; 110 mg per piece, which is double the clinical amount), L-Carnitine (a natural, herbal supplement; 25 mg per piece), and GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine, which is a L-Carnitine pre-curser; 15 mg per piece).

Weight Management Chews

$79.95 Regular Price
$59.95Sale Price
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