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30 Day Action Plan Week #1

Ladies -

This month wraps up our 4th Quarter for 2021. What are we gonna do with this time?

Of course we are going to continue to maximize every moment. Now, I'm not saying implement so much that you're exhausted, overwhelmed & frustrated. Of course not, we have to be very present with our needs & ensure we are taking a smart & sensitive approach with everything in our lives.

A lot can happen in a month. It's a start to changing our lives around by putting a plan in place for the next 30 days. Although it’s easy to think we need a lifetime in order to achieve anything substantial, it’s surprising what you can do when you put your mind to it & action behind it. If you’re wondering what you could achieve in just 30 days, for the next 5 weeks I'll share a few ideas.

#1 Complete a project

What projects have you started & haven't completed at the office or at home? How many times have you walked past that closet that needed to be organized or purged? What about creating that sacred meditation space at your home?

Today or this week would be the time to take on & complete some of those projects.


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